This page is for those “techies” who might be interested in setting up their own weather station. While the station here at Woodchuck Central is a little on the pricey side, one can easily have a fairly decent station for less than $100. For an excellent source of information and the best selection of home and professional weather stations at a reasonable price, visit - If you have any questions or suggestions for this website, email me at
The weather station at Woodchuck Central is a wireless, fan aspirated Davis Vantage Pro2 . “Wireless” means that the station transmits all its data to a monitor located inside the house. Fan aspirated means that a small fan continuously passes fresh air past the sensors located inside the station. The station is solar powered, but also has a backup battery . 
The display monitor is located in the office and is connected to an old Dell Laptop computer, running 24/7. It runs a program called Virtual Weather Station (from Ambient) which generates the Woodchuck Central banner as well as the gauges and graphs that you see on this website.
Ideally, the anemometer (wind gauge) should be placed at the very top of the roof, but the condo association did not want  me getting up on the roof.  I was grateful that they allowed me to put it up at all. At least in this location, it’s easier to get to, if I need to make adjustments.

The Webcam is an Axis M2026-LE, indoor/outdoor, high resolution camera. It is mounted outside on the same deck as the weather station and is pointed westward.